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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: October | Volume: 8 | Issue: 10 | Pages: 244-253

Evaluation of Vitamins and Antinutrients in the Leaves of Traditional Medicinal Plant Alternanthera Sessilis (L.) R.Br.Ex DC

Lalitha Sree. T1, Vijayalakshmi. K2

1Research Scholar, Department of Biochemistry, Bharathi Women’s College, Chennai - 600 108.
2Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Bharathi Women’s College, Chennai - 600 108.

Corresponding Author: Lalitha Sree. T


Green plants have a magical way of filling the world with wonders. One of the important features of the plants is its healing properties. Plants not only heal but they also repair, revitalize and are curative in nature. Alternanthera sessilis is being used from prehistoric times for food, fodder and medicine. The plant gives golden luster to the body when consumed regularly. The quantitative determination of vitamins and antinutrients were carried out in the present study. Vitamins such as A, E,B1 ,B2 ,B3 and C and antinutrients like phytate, oxalate, nitrate, nitrite, alkaloids, saponins, tannins and cyanogenic glycosides were analysed in the leaves of A. sessilis. It was elucidated by the study that the plant was found to contain significant amounts of fat and water soluble vitamins. These vitamins would play a vital role in the growth and development. The presence of vitamin C and E in considerable amounts would enable the plant to act as a potent radical scavenger. Antinutrients in lower amounts might be a factor for safer consumption of the plant as food. Hence, this study would recommend the inclusion of this traditional plant Alternanthera sessilis to combat malnutrition and also to provide a healthier lifestyle.

Key words: Alternanthera sessilis, vitamins, antinutrients, malnutrition, antioxidant.

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