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Original Research Article

Year: 2018 | Month: October | Volume: 8 | Issue: 10 | Pages: 172-177

A Study to Assess the Knowledge about Hazards of Ragging among Undergraduate Nursing Students in a Selected College at Mangaluru

Miranda Sabu, Ashly Joseph, Jisty Benny, LintaLalan, Manoj PS, Precilla D’Silva

Father Muller College of Nursing, Father Muller Road, Kankanady, Mangaluru- 575002

Corresponding Author: Precilla D’Silva


Introduction: The incidence of Ragging has been increasing among the students over years, despite legislation, execution and strong judicial support given to anti ragging act. Ragging, being a type of abuse of newcomers in educational institutions, where some senior students force the newcomers to go through different verbal, mental, physical, sexual, other, and or combination of tortures, is becoming rampant in colleges and it is about time that the student community awakens its conscience to this inhuman practice. Therefore, the knowledge of students is an indispensable ingredient in identifying and preventing ragging along with the other hazards it is potential enough to cause.
Objectives: The study was conducted to assess the knowledge about hazards of ragging and to determine its with the selected baseline data. Methods: A descriptive study approach has been used on a sample of 100 undergraduate nursing students, who were selected by Stratified random sampling by lottery method, in a selected college, in Mangaluru after obtaining institutional ethical clearance. The tools consist of demographic profile along with checklist. Reliability and validity of the tool were established. Data was analyzed by using descriptive statics.
Results: The knowledge assessed by using checklist revealed that 69% of students have good knowledge about hazards of ragging, 30% have average knowledge and 1% having poor knowledge. There is no significant association between knowledge score and selected demographic variables.

Key words: Ragging, hazards, knowledge

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