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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: Aug | Volume: 7 | Issue: 8 | Pages: 314-318

Assessment of Stress among Working Women in Selected Professionals from Belagavi Region

Kalpana. I. Pattan1, Sridevi I. Puranik2, Padmaja Basti2

1Department of Zoology, KLES G. I. BagewadiCollege, Nippani, Belagavi, India.
2Department of Biotechnology, KLES R. L. Science Institute (Autonomous), Belagavi, India.

Corresponding Author: Kalpana. I. Pattan


Introduction: As the number of employed women has increased over the past decades, women are at par with their male counterparts. The present study was conducted to compare the level of stress among working women in different professionals.
Methodology: This is a prospective study conducted using a questionnaire to assess the stress. Convenient sampling technique was utilized to select samples. A stress scale was prepared based on scores to assess the stress level and categorize them. The data obtained was analyzed in terms of objectives and hypotheses using descriptive statistics.
Results: 79 working women were enrolled in the study out of which 48.1% were from teaching professions, 13% were doctors, 13% advocates and 26% were from multiples jobs. Mean age of the respondents was 40.56±30.05 (range 24 to 60 yrs.).81.01% of women’s were married 17.72% were single.43.25% of the women from all the category had excessive household work and 30.67% of them had decreased in household work.
Conclusion: Our study revealed that the stress level varied among different professions, which was also influenced by the various variables, which we have assessed in our study.

Key words: Stress, Women, Working, Professional.

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