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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: Aug | Volume: 7 | Issue: 8 | Pages: 201-209

Comparison of Balance between Subjects with COPD and Normal Individuals- A Comparative Study

Suresh Babu Reddy A1, Nataraj Madagondapalli Srinivasan2, T Anil Kumar3, Vinod Babu. K4

1 Physiotherapist, ESIC  PGIMSR, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
PhD Scholar, Padmashree Institute of Physiotherapy, Bangalore. India.
Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. India.
2Professor, Department of Anaesthesia, ESIC  PGIMSR, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
3 Professor of Medicine, ESIC  PGIMSR, Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
4Professor in Physiotherapy, Goutham College of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, N. 1456, II stage Extn, 14thMain, Mahalakshmi layout, Bangalore-560086.

Corresponding Author: Suresh Babu Reddy A


Background: Recent studies on western population have shown that there is reduction in the functional balance and mobility in individuals with COPD relative to healthy controls. There is a need to find the level of balance affected in subjects with COPD compared with normal individuals in Indian population especially in Bangalore at ESIC model Hospital.
Aims The purpose of the study is to find the level of balance affected between subjects with COPD compare with normal individuals.
Methods and Material: A Comparative study design, 50 moderate COPD subjects and 50 Normal subjects with age group between 45 to 60 years were selected into COPD group and Normal group. Both groups were evaluated for functional balance using outcome measurements. Outcome measures such as Berg Balance Scale, Timed Up and Go Test, Single limb Stance time, and The Activities Balance Confidence scale were measured in both the groups.
Results: Comparative analysis using Independent ‘t’ test as a parametric  and Mann Whitney U test as a non-parametric test there is a statistically significant reduction in means of Berg Balance Scale, Timed Up and Go Test, Single limb Stance time, and Activity specific balance Scale in subjects with moderate COPD compared with normal subjects.
Conclusion: It is concluded that subjects with moderate COPD shown reduced functional balance compared to normal individuals.

Key words:Moderate COPD, functional balance, berg balance scale, Timed Up and Go Test, Single limb Stance time, Activity specific balance Scale.

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