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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: Aug | Volume: 7 | Issue: 8 | Pages: 132-135

A Study to Assess the Therapeutic Compliance and Associated Factors among Tuberculosis Patients in Selected DOTS Centres of City Ludhiana, Punjab

Amninder Kaur1, Opinder Singh2, Sandeep Kaur3, Meenakshi4

1Lecturer, 2Professor, 3Professor, 4Associate Professor,
Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, College of Nursing, Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Corresponding Author: Amninder Kaur


Introduction: Tuberculosis is considered second most important cause of adult death worldwide due to infectious diseases after HIV/AIDS. According to WHO incidence rate of tuberculosis in India was 181 lakh people per year with mortality rate 24 lakh people per year. As per TB report 2012 new cases of TB fell at a rate of 2.2% as well as mortality rate decreased 41%.Despite of Government efforts through RNTCP along with strong implication of DOTS therapy yet the TB cases were high in number either due to non compliance or failure to respond treatment of tuberculosis drugs.
Materials and Methods: The present study was conducted in selected DOTS centers of City Ludhiana. Sample of study was (174) tuberculosis patients under DOTS therapy of Category I and II selected by purposive sampling technique. Patient’s attendance record at DOTS centre was checked to assess their compliance with therapy and a checklist was used to assess associated factors related to therapeutic compliance among tuberculosis patients.
Results: Majority (91.96%) of tuberculosis patients were having therapeutic compliance and (8.04%) were non compliant with DOTS therapy. Among associated factors the most promoting factor was (98.12%) support and motivation from friend’s /family/ health care workers for DOTS compliance and the most hindering factor for compliance of DOTS therapy was (65%) adverse effects of therapy on physical health.
Conclusion: Tuberculosis patient’s compliance with DOTS therapy can be improved by counseling to patients about their queries related to their treatment and its effects or generalized changes which take place in body once they started their therapy, diet and preventive measures for minimizing the adverse effects of therapy. They also needed to be counseled about the adverse effects of DOTS therapy with live meeting with the patients of Tuberculosis suffering from MDR or XDR TB patients.

Key words:Tuberculosis patients, DOTS, TB-Tuberculosis.

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