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Review Article

Year: 2017 | Month: July | Volume: 7 | Issue: 7 | Pages: 332-335

Sudden Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS) – Global Perspectives

Surekha A, Suguna Anbazhagan

Department of Community Health, St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore, India

Corresponding Author: Surekha A


Background: Kav LaOved – Worker's Hotlineis a non-profit organization which aims to protect the rights of the most disadvantaged workers in Israel, addressing violations through individual assistance, advocacy, outreach and more. SUNDS also called as Sudden Arrhythmic cardiac Death Syndrome (SADS), which is due to multiple causes, was studied among agricultural workers (from Thailand) who have migrated to Israel.
Objectives: To review the phenomenon of Sudden Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS) and the various factors that may be associated with it. Issues that need to be addressed: A high level of political commitment is needed to maintain the standards of working conditions among the migrant workers. Promoting the establishment and enforcement of adequate legislation; and establishing and implementing on-going and effective monitoring of the working conditions and health status of the migrant workers.

Key words: Sudden Nocturnal Death Syndrome (SUNDS), Sudden Arrhythmic cardiac Death Syndrome (SADS).

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