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Case Report

Year: 2017 | Month: June | Volume: 7 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 365-369

Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Rare Case with Unusual Presentation in Uterus

Dr. Sanchari Saha1, Dr. Vaidehee Naik1, Dr. Hoogar M. B2, Dr. D. B. Borkar3, Dr. Reeta Dhar4

1Post Graduate Student, 2Associate Professor, 3Professor, 4Head of the Department and Professor,
Department of Pathology, MGM Medical College and Hospital, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Vaidehee Naik


Squamous cell carcinoma occurs most commonly in cervix of uterus, though it is known to occur rarely as pure squamous cell carcinoma of endometrium. Often the presentation of squamous cell carcinoma of cervix makes itself obvious as it presents as a primary lesion of cervix in one of the usual forms as polypoidal or ulcerative lesions and uncommonly as diffusely infiltrative lesion of cervix. The case being presented here is one of the rare forms of presentations in the form of uterine curettage showing primary squamous cell carcinoma, the curettage being carried out to diagnose a case of woman admitted with unusual presentation of traumatic vaginal bleeding after alleged fall in bathroom.
Case Report: A 70-year-old female presented with bleeding per vagina after an alleged fall in the bathroom. On clinical examination, bleeding from the vagina was noted. Per speculum examination also revealed a tiny polypoidal growth over the cervix. No ancillary investigations such as ultrasonography or CT findings are available. A diagnostic endometrial curettage was carried out which, on histological examination, revealed moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma of endometrium. Histological examination of the tiny cervical biopsy also revealed moderately differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.
Conclusion: The case being presented here is an interesting and highly confounding one in the fact that the endometrial squamous cell carcinoma manifested in a manner of unusual clinical presentation as traumatic bleeding per vagina due to alleged fall in the bathroom and no previous history of having bleeding per vagina or any evidence of mass in/over the cervix was evident which makes it an enigmatic endometrial squamous cell carcinoma with a rare and unusual presentation, inasmuch as the histogenesis of the squamous cell carcinoma of endometrium remains uncertain since there is no way of finding if the squamous cell carcinoma extended down into the cervix or an occult cervical Squamous cell carcinoma had an insidious transcelomic spread into the uterine cavity.

Key words: Squamous cell carcinoma, pure endometrial squamous cell carcinoma, Endometrium, Endometrial squamous cell carcinoma, Menopause

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