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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: June | Volume: 7 | Issue: 6 | Pages: 143-155

The Progressive Effect of Sport Drinks on the Color Change and the Surface Properties of Different Types of Resin Composite

Dr. Ihab Moussa

Associate Professor, Biomaterials Division, Restorative Dental Sciences (RDS), Faculty of Dentistry, King Saud University, KSA


Objectives: The aim of this study is to evaluate the color changes and surface roughness (Ra) of different types of resin composite after their immersion in different sport drink types for 7days, 1 month, 3 months as well as 6 months.
Materials and methods: Sixty disk-shaped specimens (diameter: 10 mm, and thickness: 2 mm) were made from four different resin composites (Filtek Z250, Vertis Flow and Spectrum). Each specimen was cured under mylar strips for 20 sec for both top and bottom surfaces. All of the specimens were stored in distilled water for 24 h at 37˚C. Color measurements of each specimen were performed with Color Eye system. All the measurements were performed at baseline and at 7days, one month, 3 months and 6 months of immersion in the selected sport energy drinks (Code Red, Red Bull and Bison). Another Thirty six disc-shaped specimens with the same dimensions were prepared for surface roughness (Ra) determination using a noncontact 3D-optical-profilometer. Baseline and after immersion in the different sport energy drinks for 6 months were determined. Surface topography (Ra) and color changes (DE values) of the groups were recorded and statistically analyzed.
Results: Variations in the composition of different sport drinks media did not affect the color changes of resin composite groups tested. When comparing the effect of the immersion media on the different types of resin composite, DE showed; from 1 to 7 days immersion Spectrum and Vertise Flow showed higher changes in color than Filtek Z250. From 7 days to 1 month Vertise Flow showed the highest changes in color followed by the Spectrum while Filtek Z250 showed the lowest color changes. From 1 to 3 months constant color were maintained for all the rein composite tested groups. From 3 to 6 months of immersion Filtek Z250 and Spectrum showed higher changes in color than Vertise Flow. The effect of time showed that the color changes of all resin composite groups tested are directly proportional to the increase in time. Surface roughness (Ra) showed insignificant difference between the groups except for the Spectrum when immersed in code red the Ra increased.
Conclusion: 1. All resin composite tested showed color changes when immersed in sport drinks solutions. 2. The color changes is directly proportional to the time of immersion of resin composite. 3.Vertise Flow showed the least color changes by time followed by the Filtek Z250 while the Spectrum showed the highest color changes. 4. The higher the amount of urethane dimethacrylate in the composition of resin composite the higher is the color changes and the surface roughness of the material.

Key words: Color change, surface roughness, sport drinks, composite resins.

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