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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: April | Volume: 7 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 18-22

A Study of Factors Associated with Teenage Pregnancies in Comparison with Pregnant Women of 20-29yrs in Boko, Assam

Dr Moitreyee Saloi1, Dr Kanika K Baruah2, Dr Jutika Ojah3

1PGT, 2Associate Professor, 3Professor & Head,
Department of Community Medicine GMCH, Guwahati

Corresponding Author: Dr Moitreyee Saloi


Teenage pregnancy also called as adolescent pregnancy is a major public health problem worldwide bearing serious social and medical implications relating to maternal and child health. It is a problem that affects nearly every society developed and developing alike.
Objectives: The present study is undertaken to find the incidence of teenage pregnancy & to study the different socio demographic characteristics and to compare the complications of teenage primigravida mothers with those of 20-29 yrs aged mothers.
Materials and methodology: The study was undertaken in the BOKO CHC, which is a rural health training centre under GMCH over a period of 4 months from March to June 2016. All the women coming for delivery during that period were included except those that were referred to tertiary care hospital. Data were obtained from the mothers after personal interview and review of medical records. After recording their age they were divided into two groups teenage or the study group and the comparison group.
Results: Teenage pregnancy comprised 25% of total. The prevalence of anemia was significantly higher (p<.05) in the women in teenage group than in comparison group. Preterm delivery occurs significantly more in study group. The incidence of LBW was significantly higher among the group of teenagers than in comparison group.
Conclusion: The study shows that anemia, preterm delivery & LBW were more prevalent among teenage than among the women who were 20-29 yrs old. This indicates the need for enhancing family welfare measures to delay the age at first pregnancy, thereby reducing the multiple complications that may occur in the young mother and her newborn baby.

Key words: Teenage pregnancy, LBW

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