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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: April | Volume: 7 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 12-17

A Cross-Sectional Study of Assessment of Vaccine Wastage in Tertiary Care Centre of Central India

Dr. Prashant Bagdey1, Dr. Uday Narlawar2, Dr. KishorSurwase3, Dr. Dadasaheb Dhage4, Dr. Hemant Adikane5, Dr. Sandeep Zurmure5

1Associate Professor, 2Professor & Head, 5Post Graduate Student,
Department of Community Medicine, Government Medical College, Nagpur-440003
3Assistant Professor, Department of Community Medicine, MNR Medical College, Sangareddy-502294
4Epidemiologist & Assistant Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, SVNGMC, Yawatmal - 4450001

Corresponding Author: Dr. Hemant Adikane


Background: Development of vaccine was one of the greatest discoveries as it saved thousands of lives over the period. India has one of the largest Immunization program in the world. Routine immunization is one of the most cost effective interventions. Vaccine wastage is also an expected component of immunization program. This study primarily focuses on the estimation of wastage rate and wastage factor for vaccines used in Immunization clinic.
Material and Methods: A record based cross sectional study carried out at Immunoprophylaxis clinic OPD which functions under Community Medicine Department of Govt. Medical College, Nagpur. The data was collected for one year from 01 January 2016 to 31 December 2016 and analysed to find out vaccine wastage, vaccine wastage rate and wastage factor.
Results: The vaccine wastage was found highest for BCG (34.75%) followed by DPT (13.55%). Lowest wastage was seen in use of Pentavalent vaccine (2.72%). The wastage rate and wastage factor for 10 dose vials was higher than 5and 20 doses vial and higher for Lyophilized vaccine than Liquid vaccine used in these settings.
Conclusion: Some level of vaccine wastage is unavoidable. The country like India where maximum immunization carried out by outreach immunization sessions, the wastage is inevitable to control. Wastage of vaccine because of break in cold chain, frozen vaccine, loss or breakage during transportation and wastage because of the expiry of vaccine batches can be avoidable with careful handling and monitoring.

Key words: Vaccine wastage, Wastage factor, Immunization, Cold chain, UIP

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