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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: April | Volume: 7 | Issue: 4 | Pages: 144-147

Efficacy Laser Dermabrasion Followed by Topical 5- Fluorouracil in the Treatment of Stable Vitiligo

Dr. Mariam George1, Dr. Mallikarjun M2, Dr. Manjunath. P3, Dr. Bugude Gangadhar3

1Post graduate, 2Professor, 3Assistant Professor,
K.V.G Medical College, Sullia

Corresponding Author: Dr. Mariam George


Background: Vitiligo is one among the various dermatological conditions where medical treatment can offer only partial success. A combined approach in the form of skin ablation and topical 5 fluorouracil has given good results.
Aim: In the present study, we are studying the effect of the use of laser skin ablation and application of 5 fluorouracil in treatment of patients with resistant vitiligo.
Methods: This study included 30 adult patients with resistant vitiligo lesions. The patients were treated with laser skin ablation, followed by 5 fluorouracil application for 15 days. The cosmetic outcome was then evaluated after maximum period of 3 months.
Results: Thirty patients were included (14 male and 16 females). Almost 40% of patients achieved excellent repigmentation (75-100%) after laser dermabrasion, followed by 5 fluorouracil application. Very good (50-75%) cosmetic results were achieved in 20% of patients, good improvement (25-50%) in 30% and poor improvement in (< 25%) only 10% of patients. Side-effects reported were transient hyperpigmentation in 3 (10%) patients; infection in 1(3.3%) patients, recurrence in 2(6.67%) patients while 24 (80%) patients did not report any untoward effects.
Conclusion: We conclude our study by stating that laser skin ablation, followed by 5- fluorouracil application is an ideal treatment option for resistant vitiligo.

Key words: vitiligo, 5-Fluorouracil, laser dermabrasion.

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