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Case Report

Year: 2017 | Month: March | Volume: 7 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 384-387

Optometric Management of Waardenberg Syndrome

Onkar H Pirdankar1, Dr B Vidyashankar2

1Research Associate and Faculty, Laxmi Eye Institute, Uran Road, Panvel, 410206
2K. B. H. Bachooali Charitable Ophthalmic and E.N.T. Hospital, Head of Department:  Oculoplasty Services, Parel, Mumbai- 400012

Corresponding Author: Onkar H Pirdankar


Introduction: Waardenberg syndrome (WS) is rare inherited disorder characterized by varying degree of hearing loss, hair pigmentation, heterochromia iridis, white forelock and facial abnormality.
Case detail: A 21 year old female diagnosed with WS was interested in cosmetic treatment for Heterochromia iridis. Prosthetic contact lens with appropriate color match gives excellent cosmetic appearance in patient with WS especially those who complain of heterochromia of the iris. Here we describe the systematic approach to manage the heterochromia iridis using prosthetic contact lens.

Key words: Waardenberg syndrome, prosthetic contact lenses, heterochromia iridis.

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