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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: March | Volume: 7 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 135-142

Comparative Evaluation of the Fracture Resistance of Endodontically Treated Maxillary Central Incisors Restored with Pre-Fabricated Glass Fiber Posts and Experimental Dentin Posts an in Vitro Study

Dr. Hetal Chapla1, Dr. Nimisha Shah2, Dr. Rajkumar  Chapla3, Dr. Ruchi Rani Shah4., Dr. Monali Mataliya5

1MDS, Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics,
2Professor & Head, 4Assistant Professor,
Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, K. M. Shah Dental College, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Piparia, Vadodara.
3Resident, Department of Prosthodontics Crown and Bridge, K. M. Shah Dental College, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth, Piparia, Vadodara.
5BDS, Consultant

Corresponding Author: Dr. Hetal Chapla


Aim: Comparative evaluation of the fracture resistance of endodontically treated maxillary central incisors restored with prefabricated glass fiber posts and experimental dentin posts prepared human root dentin.
Materials & method: Thirty six extracted human Maxillary central incisors were divided in to three groups. In Group-I (Control group) 12 samples, Group-II (Glass fiber posts)12 samples, Group-III (Dentin posts) 12 samples. Twenty four teeth were restored with Glass fiber posts and Solid dentin posts and numbered as Group-II and Group- III respectively while Group-I acted as a control, without any posts only core build up. Teeth were loaded at 130º angle to their long axes after core build up and the failure load were recorded.
Result: Statistical analysis showed that Group III (Dentin posts) (120.9 ± 1.447) and Group II (Glass Fibre posts) (118.6±1.437) the mean failure load value was significantly higher than Group I (Control group) (59.71±2.684). There had no statistically significant difference between group II (Glass fiber posts) and group III (Dentin posts) (Table-1) (Graph-1).
Conclusion: Teeth restored with the dentin posts exhibited marginally better fracture resistance than those restored with glass fiber posts.

Key words: Glass fiber posts, Dentin posts, fracture resistance.

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