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Case Report

Year: 2017 | Month: December | Volume: 7 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 313-318

Pseudo Pancreatic Cyst Causing Portal Hypertension

Dr. B. Ananda Rama Rao1, Dr. Mohd Raheemuddinkhan2, Dr.P. Anurag Reddy3

1Professor, Surgery, 2,3Residents in Surgery, SVS Medical College Mahabubnagar TS 509002

Corresponding Author: Dr. B. Ananda Rama Rao


The Pancreatic pseudocyst is a localized pancreatic fluid collection developing in about 10-15% cases of acute and 20-40% of chronic pancreatitis. The possible Complications of Pancreatic pseudocysts include infection, rupture, bleeding and mass effect. In few rare cases portal hypertension develops from compression or obstruction of the splenic vein or portal vein by the cyst. Only about 50% of pancreatic pseudo cysts require surgery due to the complications.
Here we have a case of 65-year-old female presented with pain abdomen and abdominal swelling accompanied with weight loss and anorexia since 6 months. She was diagnosed to have a large pancreatic pseudocyst with portal hypertension. She was managed by surgery, where in the cyst was drained and subsequently the portal hypertension was relieved after surgery.

Key words:Pancreatic pseudocyst, portal hypertension, pancreatitis.

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