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Case Report

Year: 2017 | Month: December | Volume: 7 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 306-307

Aesthetic Rehabilitation of Non-Vital Teeth

Hakan Kamalak1, K├╝bra Tanyol1

1Department, of Restorative Dentistry/ Firat University, Faculty of Dentistry, Turkey

Corresponding Author: Hakan Kamalak


Discolored and non-vital teeth result in aesthetic problems especially in anterior teeth owing to being easily noticed. In order to bleach the coloration occurring in teeth which canal treatment applied, sodium perborate and 40 % of hydrogen peroxide-containing agent were used in this study. When bleaching reaches the color of the symmetrical teeth at the end of the 8th day with two-days intervals, it was considered to be successful. One week after bleaching, fillings were removed permanently.

Key words:Tooth discoloration, non-vital bleaching, hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate

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