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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: December | Volume: 7 | Issue: 12 | Pages: 125-131

Views of Surgical Nurses Regarding Handling the Psychosocial Problems of the Patients

Sevinç Mersin1, Meral Demiralp2

1PhD, RN, Assistant Professor, School of Health, Nursing Department,
Bilecik ŞE University, 1100, Bilecik, Turkey
2PhD, Associate Professor, Nursing Department, Ufuk University, Ankara, Turkey

Corresponding Author: Sevinç Mersin


The aim of this study was to identify the views of surgical nurses regarding handling the psychosocial problems of the patients. This study was conducted based on qualitative design with 13 surgical nurses who working at the surgical clinics of hospital in Turkey.  Three themes formed from analysis of the data of this study: “Surgery: A trauma experience; the magic of having psychosocial skills; the self-empathy of the nurse”. The results that consideration of the psychosocial problems of the patient along with the physical disorder by the nurses can increase patient comfort and accelerate the recovery process. Hence, training programs should be planned to improve the psychosocial skills of nurses in solving and managing such psychosocial problems.

Key words: psychosocial nursing, nursing care, surgery, qualitative research.

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