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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: November | Volume: 7 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 42-46

Cellophane Tape Pugh’s Staining a Novel Contrast Staining Method for Rapid Detection of Fungal Elements of Malassezia in Pityriasis Versicolor

Remya V. S1, Arun B2, Usha Karunakaran3, Deepak K S4

1Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur, Kerala, India.
2Assistant Professor, School of Health Sciences, Kannur University, Kannur, Kerala, India.
3Professor, Department of Community Medicine, Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur, Kerala, India.
4Lecturer in Statistics, Department of Community Medicine, Govt. Medical College, Palakkad, Kerala, India.

Corresponding Author: Arun B


Background: Pityriasis versicolor (PV) is a chronic superficial fungal disease of the stratum corneum etiologically associated with the Malassezia spp. As the routinely used KOH wet mount is time consuming and requires an expert to interpret the results, a new staining method that can replace KOH wet mount has to be found out.
Objective: To demonstrate the diagnostic efficacy of cellophane tape Pugh’s staining in comparison with routinely used KOH wet mount for the diagnosis of PV.
Methods: A total number of 450 specimens from different body sites of 422 PV cases with respect to colour of the lesions were studied. Skin scrapings were subjected to KOH wet mount and cellophane tape stripping and staining method was used in case of Pugh’s staining. Statistical analysis was done.
Result: Both the KOH wet mount and cellophane tape Pugh’s staining gave similar results. Out of 450 lesions sampled, 402 (89.3%) gave positive results. Fungal elements were seen more clearly in purple colour of the stain. The sensitivity and specificity of Pugh’s stain when compared with KOH wet mount was 100%.
Conclusion: Cellophane tape Pugh’s staining used as a novel method in this study has the potential to replace the KOH wet mount, as the routine method for the rapid diagnosis of PV.

Key words: Pityriasis versicolor, Malassezia, KOH wet mount, Pugh’s stain

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