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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: November | Volume: 7 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 185-190

Spatial Distribution of Health Centers: A Study of District Pulwama (Jammu and Kashmir)

Javaid Ahmad Tali1, Divya S1, Asima Nusrath2

1Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2Professor,
Department of Studies in Geography, University of Mysore

Corresponding Author: Javaid Ahmad Tali


Background: Distribution of existing healthcare centers is an important aspect in healthcare and decision making. Based on GPS survey the spatial disparity of health centers were measures by applying Location quotient and Lorenz curve. Though the facilities are good enough to serve the population of the district, but while analyzing the spatial pattern of these facilities at medical block level, the results revealed that there is unequal distribution of both primary health centers as well as sub-centers. Therefore it is necessary to find out the nature of spatial conditions and the estimation of medical facilities needed for a given population. It is essential to conduct such study which will help the people as well as the planners to determine the medical needs which will in turn enhance the optimal utilization of resources.

Key words: Health Centers, Population, Spatial Disparity, Distribution

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