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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: November | Volume: 7 | Issue: 11 | Pages: 122-127

Effect of Scapular Position on Neck Pain in Swimmers

Dr Jyoti Dahiya1, Dr Tarundeep Kaur2

1Assistant Professor, Delhi Pharmaceutical Science and Research University, Govt of NCT, New Delhi
2Physiotherapist, Sports Injury Center, Safdurjung New Delhi

Corresponding Author: Dr Jyoti Dahiya


Introduction: Competitive swimming is a rigorous sport being engaged in by an increasing number of young athletes. In swimmers, shoulder pain and neck pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint and is usually due to Supraspinatus, biceps tendinitis, scapular muscles. Scapular position on the thorax and control during motion is a critical component of normal shoulder function. During elevation of the arm overhead, scapula should upwardly rotate and posterior tilt on the thorax. Upward rotation is the predominant Scapulothoracic motion.
Methodology: A total number of 120 subjects (including male and female) who fulfilled the inclusion criteria were included in the study. 120 Swimming Athletes were taken from a government affiliated swimming pool complex, and from a reputed school of Delhi. Two groups were included in the study; Study group- with neck pain and Control group- without neck pain. Scapular protraction measurements were taken with the participant standing with normal, relaxed posture. The measurements were performed at 3 different positions (at rest, hands on hip, 90 degree glenohumeral abduction).
Statistical test: Independent t test was used to compare the mean in terms of distance of right and left side in study and control group, also test was used to compare the mean difference of scapular position at three different position between study and control group
Result: The result shows there is significant difference of scapular position among study and control group in all three positions.
Conclusion: In the present study, it was seen that scapular position is altered in swimmers who are suffering from neck pain in all three positions that is at rest, hands on hip, and 90 degree abduction.

Key words: Neck pain, Scapular position, Swimmers disorders

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