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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: October | Volume: 7 | Issue: 10 | Pages: 172-175

Effectiveness of Warm Water Foot Bath on Quality of Sleep among Hospitalized Patients

Arshpreet Kaur1, C. Naveen Kumar2

1M. Sc. (N) Student, 2Assistant Professor,
SGRD College of Nursing, Vallah, Amritsar.

Corresponding Author: Arshpreet Kaur


Sleep is the basic human need; it is universal biological process common to all the people. Sleep provides healing and restorations. Achieving the best possible sleep quality is important for the promotion of good health as well as the recovery from illness. Ill clients often require more sleep and rest than healthy client Changes to sleep patterns which affect quality of sleep or disrupt a normal sleep cycle are known as sleep disturbances. It is sleep disturbances that have an adverse effect on health and quality of life. In this present study Pre- experimental study design was used to assess the effectiveness of warm water foot bath on quality of sleep among hospitalized patients at SGRD hospital, Vallah, Amritsar. 60 female patients with disturbed sleep during hospitalization was assessed by Groningen sleep quality scale (GSQS) and were selected by using convenient sampling technique. Warm water foot bath was given to the hospitalized patients with disturbed sleep before going to bed at night for five consecutive days. The quality of sleep was assessed on the six day morning by using Groningen sleep quality scale (GSQS). The findings of the shows that in pre-test 38 (63.3%) of patients had poor quality of sleep and 22 (36.7%) had fair quality of sleep. In post-test 12 (20.0%) of patients had poor quality of sleep, 30 (50.0%) had fair quality of sleep and 18(30.0%) had good quality of sleep. On sixth day the pre-test Mean ±S.D. was 9.15 ± 2.291 and post-test Mean ±S.D. was 6.78 ± 2.768. The improvement was statistically tested by paired-‘t‘ test value (6.552) and the result was found to be significant at ‘p’ value <0.01 level. Disturbed Sleep pattern is very common among hospitalized patients which may lead to various health problems. To treat sleeplessness, warm water foot bath is considered to be one of the effective methods used to induce sleep among hospitalized patients.

Key words: warm water foot bath, quality of sleep.

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