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Original Research Article

Year: 2017 | Month: October | Volume: 7 | Issue: 10 | Pages: 1-5

Peak Expiratory Flow Rates in Children of Western Maharashtra 10-16 Years of Age

Dr. Sudhir Sarawade1, Dr. Sangeeta Kumbhojkar2, Dr. Shriganesh Patil3

1Prof & HOD, 2Associate Professor, 3Senior Resident,
Dept. of Pediatrics, RCSM GMC Kolhapur.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Sudhir Sarawade


Background: A lot of age-specific variations in Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR) are expected in paediatrics age group compared to adults.Although, many studies have evaluated the PEFR values in the children from various regions in India, but their results cannot be extrapolated to W. Maharashtra children, since not only the environment, but also the customs, traditions, and life‑style are altogether different in this part of the country.
Method: 642 apparently healthy school children (461 Male, 181 Female) from age group years were included in the study. PEFR was measured in L/min with a standard Wright Peak Flow Meter.
Result: Positive correlation was seen between age, height, weight and PEFR. The regression equations for PEFR were determined for boys and girls separately. The prediction equation for PEFR based on Weight was PEFR=187.1+ weight×3.84 (for boys) PEFR=221 + weight×2.30 (for girls). Predicted formulas obtained by regression equation for Age were: PEFR=20.7 + Age×22.94 (for boys), PEFR=99 + Age×15.7 (for girls). Predicted formulas obtained by regression equation for height were: PEFR= Height×3.64 -233.3 (for boys) PEFR= Height×2.91 - 103 (for girls). In both male and female children, PEFR significantly increases (p< 0.05) with height, weight, age.
Conclusion: PEFR is a reliable measurement, which can be used in areas of Western Maharashtra for assessment of airway obstruction. Prediction formula is derived for use in this population.

Key words: PEFR, Western Maharashtra, Children, Indian, Factors, Age, Height

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